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You are thinking about downloading a Brawl Stars mod apk? Just to get more gems and coins afterwards? Then you should definitely read the following first!

What is a mod apk anyway?

“A mod (also der or das Mod; abbreviation for English modification or German Modifikation) is a usually free, usually by hobby or rarely professional game developers created extension or modification of an already released computer game. In a narrower sense, modrefers to a specific category of computer game modification.”

Source: Wikipedia


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Why download a Brawl Stars mod apk?

Many players believe it is the best method to get infinite coins and gems. This may be true, but it is often extremely complicated and has many other disadvantages. You should therefore first inform yourself about what it is actually about.

Unfortunately there is not really much information about such mods, but you should know one thing: You won’t be able to play together with your friends anymore, because with a mod apk you play on private servers. On top of that, everyone will have the same benefits. This means that everyone can generate free gems and coins. Is all of that even an advantage then, if really anyone can do it? This is the question you have to ask yourself. In our opinion, if everyone has the same advantage, it is no longer an advantage. But this is something that everyone must decide for themselves.

And if you think you can just download a mod apk, install it and start playing, you are wrong. Most of the time you need a jailbreak or root. Depending on what kind of smartphone you own and what version of Android or iOS you have on your device, it can be virtually impossible. Actually, the older your device is, the easier it is to root or jailbreak it. But you have to be careful, because as soon as you change the software of your smartphone or tablet, the warranty will expire. It also often happens that the software of the device is damaged to such an extent that the phone can no longer be turned on. So it is definitely associated with risks!


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The disadvantages of an unofficial version of the game

  • You play on private servers
  • You need a jailbreak or root
  • You will void the warranty of your device if you tamper with the software
  • You do not know who developed or edited these mods
  • Often you insert your own advertisements or similar
  • You don’t know who has access to your files or contacts
  • Google Play or Apple has not verified the app and the code


It can be quite dangerous!

Since these apps cannot be found in Google Play or Apple App Store

, it is extremely dangerous. This is because Google and Apple control the app and the codes before the app is released. However, this is not the case with third-party developers. This means they could do whatever they want. They could insert any code in the game. They could gain access to your pictures, contacts or even your microphone or camera through loopholes. You have to be extremely careful. Unfortunately, it is also the case that you have no idea who developed or edited the mod apk in the first place. These people all remain anonymous. And even if they claim to be a group of developers or some person, it might not be true. There is no verification or anything else taking place. From there you have to be extremely careful.

If you really only want free Brawl Stars gems and coins, you should simply use the hack or online generator. If you don’t want to use a hack, just have a look at the cheats. In any case, you should strongly consider whether it really makes sense to download a Brawl Stars mod apk for iOS or Android. In our opinion, it is associated with many risks!

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