5 reasons not to install Brawl Stars Mod Apk

Everyone is looking for a best way to get the jewels and coins for free. There are a few options, but which one is the best and which one should you avoid at all costs? Today we want to tell you about Brawl Stars mod apk and what you should pay attention to before downloading and installing one.

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Here are 5 reasons why you should not use Brawl Stars mod apk

It requires a jailbreak or root

To successfully install and then play a Brawl Stars mod apk, it requires either a jailbreak for your iOS device or a root for your Android device. You manipulate the operating system of the device and have access to functions that are normally not available. This can be an advantage, but it can also backfire. Why? Rooting or jailbreaking can be quite complicated, especially if you have the latest Android or iOS version on your device. It comes with a risk…which also brings us directly to the next reason.

You will lose the warranty for your device

As soon as you start tampering with your device’s software, you void the warranty. You’re no longer entitled to have Samsung, Huawei or Apple fix your device. Not bad you think? A jailbreak or root, as mentioned above, can cause your operating system to become corrupted and thus no longer functional. The smartphone then simply can no longer be started. And because you then no longer have a warranty, you can no longer simply send it to the manufacturer or seller.

You are no longer playing on the public servers

Most players don’t know this. Once you use a mod apk, you will no longer be able to play with your friends. Such mods will make you play on private servers, where you will have free jewels and coins. But not only that: all the other players using the same Brawl Stars mod apk will also have jewels and coins. So where is the advantage if every player can open infinite chests?! Exactly, there is no advantage for you.

Unknown people have changed the code of the game

You can download a mod apk, but how do you know who changed the game’s code? On websites like Apkpure or other providers of modded apks you may find a name, but who controls it? Nobody. Really anyone can modify an apk the way they want and then upload it under a fake name. The big problem is that these developers often put viruses or other backdoors into the app and can thus get access to your files, location or even your camera. This is extremely dangerous. Most of the time, these developers only add their own ads to make money themselves.

No one has reviewed the Brawl Stars mod apk

When developers upload an app to Google Play or Apple App Store, they are checked by Google or Apple. They check the code, if the app contains anything forbidden, what access the app wants to have to the device and much more. In other words, the apps in the stores is safe and you can assume that there won’t be any hidden hacks there. But with the other stores like Apkpure, it’s different. No one checks it. Be aware of that when you download a mod apk for Brawl Stars or other players. If you still want to get free jewels, I recommend you just use the hack for Brawl Stars. You don’t need to download, install or anything like that. Just use the hack online on our website. It’s very fast and currently the most reliable way to get free jewels, coins and elixir in the game.

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