Almost everywhere you can find tips and tricks for Brawl Stars, but they rarely work. On the big magazines like GIGA, 4players, Eurogamer and all of them you can find valuable guides and beginner tips, but they never tell you the most important thing: how to get free gems and coins!

How helpful are the Brawl Stars tips really?

For beginners, Brawl Stars tricks and tips are really ideal. Not only do they help you find your way around the game, but they also provide you with valuable tips on what to look for at the beginning of the game and introduce you to the different game modes, so to speak. They also tell you how to use the gems and coins in the most useful way. This is very important, because especially the number of gems are extremely limited, but you will notice that later in the game. In general, it can be said that the tips and tricks are already helpful, but only up to a certain level. After that, it only depends on how many gems and coins you have – unfortunately! hack brawl stars

Why don’t the big media write anything about hacks or cheats?

What is particularly noticeable is that many major magazines publish an incredible number of articles about Brawl Stars, but don’t mention proper cheats, mods or hacks with a single word. This is so noticeable that it is impossible to ignore it. But now the question arises, why is that? The answer is: the magazines are so dependent on the game developers that they wouldn’t do anything that could hurt them. Imagine a magazine like IGN explaining to gamers how to use a hack for Brawl Stars and mentioning that they could save an incredible amount of money. What would happen? IGN would get a big problem and be hated not only by Supercell, but also by other developers. You must never forget that it’s not about the players, it’s just a huge business. Don’t think so? Then look at the annual revenue of Supercell, EA and other publishers. They earn millions every year just by selling in-game currencies like gems, coins or diamonds.

How to get really free Brawl Stars gems and coins

Meanwhile, yes, cheats and hacks have become a real taboo topic. You get attacked for it if you want to show other players how to save money. But in other countries it’s different, there people know that there are cheats and hacks for mobile games, which really work. Players who have used a hack themselves also know that it works. It’s really nothing new that there are hacks for iOS or Android games. Think about it for a moment: even back then there were hacks for Pokemon on Gameboy Color. There were cheats for GTA on PlayStation 1. And you really think in 2021 there won’t be cheats for an online game that is much easier to hack?

Why you have nothing to lose

No matter what you do, you actually have only one big disadvantage: sooner or later you will spend your real money on in-game currencies. This is because the game is programmed in such a way that once you reach a certain level, you will have to purchase gems in the game’s store in order to continue playing. Then why not just use Brawl Stars cheats or even hacks? This is your own personal decision. Every day hundreds of players come to our website and we have never heard of anyone regretting it. Everyone could get free coins, gems and elixir in just a few minutes. This has really saved players a lot of money and time. In the end, however, it is up to you what you do and how you do it. Anyway, we can only recommend you to use Brawl Stars hack for iOS and Android. You have nothing to lose!

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